How To Do Job Search As a Fresher In India 2018

How To Do Job Search as a freshers in india 2018

One of the first question that arise in the mind of freshers or recent graduates is “How to find jobs?”, ” How to get the job?”. In this article FreshersHost gives your information about How To Do Job Search As a Fresher In India 2018.

If you just out from the college to find your career path with some hard work, a lot of ambition and confidence in yourself will definitely help you to get placed. If you don’t get placed on the campus drives, then things are going to be a bit harder for you, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world in opportunities.

Just ask yourself a question that what are the capabilities and in what field that you are strong and which you can get succeeded. It makes all the requisite calls, apply for appropriate jobs in every listing that you come across and pick on what job you will get fitted. The very important thing to need to remember is that it is time. It can be a bit depressing at many times, but keep not to lose your confidence.

Now from the Article, let’s look at what you need to do in order to find a job for you. Let’s dig into the Article!

How To Do Job Search As a Fresher In India 2018

  1. Prepare Your Resume:Prepare Your Resume

The first and the major thing is to prepare a resume or CV for yourself according to your specialization. You will definitely need a resume to contact or approach the people who are in a position to give you a job. This thing is to need to complete first. There are many fresher sample resumes on the web, you can follow whatever like which looks professional.

No one enough time to completely go through paragraphs to understand your potential. SO make your resume short and crisp by keeping only interesting study which makes the recruiters get to point.

2. Grow circle in Relatives and Friends :

Grow circle in Relatives and Friends

Finding your first job can be tough, by getting help from the others it can bed easy. Place calls to all your friends and relatives who could help you out who are working on the industry that you want to work. Send them your resume and ask for help and maintain good contact with them.

If you know the employees who are currently working for big  MNC’s, send your updated resume and ask them to upload it on their company job portal, and maintain contact about the walk-ins, and other company emails regarding the recruitment that matches with your educational background.

  1. Decent Mail ID:Decent Mail ID

It is time to know and get a real decent email id for job applications purpose. You will need to email several recruiters, companies, friends and such, and you don’t want your potential recruiter to see that you thought the word freak would look cool as part of your email address. Don’t use some crazy usernames because sometimes recruiter will feel he is not havings some seriousness and the reckless person about the career, So try to maintain decent mail id for application purposes.

  1. Use Job Posting boards:

Use Job Posting boards

Stop blind search in the google regarding the jobs. Follow a popular job board and build your profile on it. There you can get also review and experiences in the company that you are going to work.

Most online job posting boards, like FreshersHost, Naukri, MonsterIndia provide lists of jobs by category. Most of their listings are very good in details, which will make it clear whether you are a good fit for the company or the position. Try to use advanced search in the filters in the portals to get the accurate postings that suitable for you.

  1. Job fair and Career Events:

Job fairs are the very good and great place to start putting yourself out to meet the people go get guidance for your career. Attending a job fair will give you the knowledge of about job market and get a chance to make a conversation with the employer.

Don’t hesitate to start a conversation and follow up with the employers you meet at the job fair. Send an email letting them about your interests to join their company and also remind them about the job fair.

  1. Job referral:

Job referral

Job referrals by working employees are one of the best and the strongest ways to get a job in the company. A job referral is where a person feels you are suitable for this positions and who recommends you for an open position in their company. Many companies will have the Employee Referral Program, that where an employee can refer a candidate for a job role in the company and also they will get some sort of incentives for this referrals.

Call up or meet these contacts one by one who is working in companies and try to understand if any of them can help you with a referral.

  1. Walk-in interviews:

Walk-in interviews

Many companies will conduct walk-in interview for specific positions on a particular date and time slots either in the company or to near a company. Walk-in interviews are great when it comes to initial introduction and screening of candidates. In a walk-in interview, there is no prior appointment is needed for attending. Just visit the place where the walk-in is conducting and meet the recruiter on the mentioned date and time slot.

  1. Contact through Email:

Contact through Email

Find out the email ids of recruiters through online or by some company websites, and try to reach out to them by describing your interest in the company and the role of interest. You can also contact a recruiter who viewed your profile on a job board or on any other social platforms.

  1. Company Career Page:

Company Career Page

If you are very much interested in a particular company, then apply directly on the website of the particular company. Almost all the companies will have a careers page section for current openings in the companies. Open the company website and look into these sections. By reaching careers page you will be redirected to a page to fill out an application and need to submit your resume in the portal. In some cases, you will be given the direct email address of the HR team to contact directly through email only.

Another way is by searching on Google the particular company name followed by the careers to get into the career section of the company website.

So, follow the above tips, and get ready! Very soon you will be on the right track to find and get a job. From this article, we hope you got a clear idea of getting job postings If any doubts regarding this drop a comment below.



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